#Tips: 5 Bookkeeping tips for your small businesses

Every business needs to record its finances. This can be done by a process called bookkeeping. For small business owners, bookkeeping can look complicated when starting. However, it would help you to check how your business is performing. Here are some tips on how to start proper bookkeeping for your small business.

Have a good accounting software system

If you want to maintain proper records for your business, an accounting software is necessary for your business. An accounting software would help you manage your customer records, supplier records, bank records, and other relevant records. Most accounting software applications come with financial report templates. This allows you to preview how well your business is faring at any point applicable.

Review your books

Accounting software and spreadsheets help to capture your business information and financial records. However, it is important that you regularly review your software records, to check for irregularities, errors, or wrong postings. Reviewing your records also help to prevent unplanned tax readjustments from the tax authorities. You can engage an external accountant to help review your records.

Monitor your Expenses

Track every expense you spend. As a small business owner, you must be mindful of your expenses. If you pay for expenses by cash or by bank, ensure you collect receipt or invoices for every expense incurred. To know if you are on track with your records, confirm the balance of your cash and bank accounts against your expenses regularly- weekly or monthly.

Separate business from personal expenses

For sole proprietors or small business enterprises, spending from your business purse can be a very tempting experience. Small business owners are usually poised to manage their business finances themselves. This allows some owners to mix their business and personal expenses together. If you are seeking to grow and manage your business properly, you must learn to separate business from personal expenses. You can do this by drawing up separate accounts for both expenses. Personal expenses can be tracked using an expense app. You can then use an accounting software to track your business expenses. Separating business and personal expenses helps you to create financial discipline for your business.

Understand your monthly bookkeeping reports

It is important to know how and where your business is growing or whether it is not growing. This can be done by tracking your bookkeeping reports. Bookkeeping reports show various business metrics such as how much profit you are generating, your sales value, debt value, or whether your operating expense are high, amongst other indicators. There are various bookkeeping reports that can help you to determine how your business is faring. The most important reports include your income statement and your statement of financial position (also known as Balance Sheet). You can get your accountant to explain what the reports mean so you can have a first-hand knowledge of how your business is faring.

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