As I struggled to put the bags of clothes I had just gotten from Teju Oso market into the boot of my car, I bumped into a fine young man, who looked like my patient. Haba! I was taken aback by this young man who stood right in front of me! The man I was looking at now looked nothing like the way he looked months ago in the consultation room. I knew something had changed. 
“Mr. Phillip, long time! Anhanh!! How are you?” I greeted him in the original Lagos fashion. “I am doing great, Dr. Chi” he responded beaming with joy. This joy had its roots and so, I knew that I had to know how he recuperated so fast. 
“This is a huge transformation, Mr. Philip. You look nothing like the way you did months back. What is the secret? I recollect that you struggled with your health because work was cumbersome. What has changed now? What happened now? I am eager to know!” I almost yelled in excitement. 
“Hmmm, Dr. Chi? You remember I complained of being stressed from work and, as an HR (Human Resource) practitioner, sending out applications, sorting a high number of resumes, and scheduling interview sessions manually, affected my mental and physical health. I handled high-performance tasks manually. I was stressed all the time.” He said as I watched him speak about his past experiences with so much pain. 
“Ha! Dr. Chi! It was a lot for me but one day, I stumbled on an ad on Facebook by a company called Excellium. This ad addressed the problems I was facing as an HR (Human Resource) practitioner and Viola! A solution was staring me in the face! 
This effective recruitment solution was designed to help make recruitment processes right and easy but when I brought this information to the management, they were in fear because according to them, software solutions do not run cheap. I had to explain to them that I learned that it was affordable and could be tailored to suit the needs of the company. After much persuasion, my company finally agreed. The name of the software solution is Zoho Recruit.” He said with a smile on his face.  
“Tell me more about this Solution, Mr. Phillip”, I said, longing to learn more.  
Zoho Recruit is an all-in-one Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and recruitment software for staffing agencies and recruitment professionals. It is a comprehensive ATS that includes resume parsing, automated job board posting, customized company careers pages, resume storage, and interview scheduling. Going through resumes, exchanging emails, filtering and sorting qualified candidates and scheduling interviews has never been easy. With the automated workflows which are embedded in the solution, I was able to carry out other functions accordingly and get real-time results. 

Making reports ready for management as at when needed was made seamless because I could access the solution from anywhere even while I am away. 

Zoho Recruit has been a great relief to me. I have a pool of candidates to which I can always have access whenever there is a need for it, and I am glad! With this, the recruitment process has been made seamless for me and that made me spend less time on the recruitment process. I had more time to engage the candidate – which is one of the keys to successful recruitment. 
Zoho Recruit software solution helps HR (Human Resources) practitioners get job openings in front of as many eyes as possible while ensuring that employers’ brand communicates the culture, values, and experience that your ideal candidates want most. 

As I watched Mr. Phillip explain the reason for his transformation and the emergence of this recruitment solution, I knew I wanted nothing more than to share this information with other HR practitioners.  
Are you in dire need of a software solution that would help reduce the burden of collating and sourcing through resumes manually, job board posting, handling company careers pages, high resume storage, and interview scheduling? 
Zoho Recruit is here for you, all you need to do is reach out to one of the certified consultants in Excellium.

We are willing to help you. 

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