Rita, my old friend from secondary school almost burst out in tears as we were speaking on the phone. “Chi, I can’t keep track of my finances and I keep losing track of time to do other important things, what do I do?”

As the CEO of a medium-scale fashion industry business, Rita knows she needs help managing her finances. From invoicing, to calculating taxes, to reporting, she is saddled with a lot and desperately needs help figuring out how to manage her finances and business processes but prefers to handle her business operations manually.

This came as a surprise to me; the Rita that I knew back in the day did not look like she could be overwhelmed with work. To me, she had everything figured out, but now, it hurt me to listen to her breakdown over the phone, and I was determined to ensure that a solution was proffered for her concerns.

I thought long and hard about what to do…

Alas! It struck me!

I remember attending to a young patient of mine who was rushed into the hospital due to High Blood Pressure. It was a concern for me as a medical doctor because she is young. I knew something was wrong so, during the routine consultation, I probed further to know how she got there.

She explained how she lost a huge amount of money in her business because there was no structure in place to help manage her business’s accounting. She could not easily raise and track invoices, track cash flow, accept payments, record transactions, automate business operations, and capture expenses. It was a big issue for her.

As a business owner with a staff strength of 10, handling these operations was difficult, and it kept her late at night. Trying to manually record transactions in her businesses and constantly thinking about it affected her health.

We talked for a while, she was treated, and she went home, only for her to show up for her next appointment looking fresher and prettier than the last time I saw her.

I needed to know the secret, so I asked how she was fairing. She answered me smiling, “I am better now, Doctor Chi. I came across an online ad made by a company called Excellium. The advert was about a software solution, this solution helped my business and gave it structure.”

I listened to her talk about all the interesting details this solution had, and I was glad that she felt better but I wanted to know more about this solution.

The thought that the problems of businesses could weigh an individual down gave me so much reason to ask more questions.

Then she mentioned the name of the solution, Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

This affordable solution helped her easily create and track invoices, track cash flow, accept payments, record transactions, automate admin operations, and capture expenses. It was a game changer for her business, she said.

Imagine going through the hassle of manually capturing expenses, and invoices, calculating taxes, reporting, monitoring cash flow, and budgets, and handling paper folders that house the names of suppliers, items, budgets, etc., only for them to be lost. Miss Shade spoke about this solution with so much trust and appreciation.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting regularized her blood pressure and brought smiles to her face; She told me.

I wanted that for Rita, my old school friend, and so I decided to give her a call at once to tell her all I had learned about this Solution. With the Sage Accounting Business Cloud Software Solution…

You can:

  • capture expenses as they happen
  • take care of invoicing on the road
  • bank at the office and manage cash flow from your home.
  • perform insightful reporting
  • calculate taxes easily
  • check your cash flow
  • capture the right quantity of inventory in and out
  • keep track of your company’s performance against predefined targets
  • keep fixed assets registered
  • Check foreign exchange swings on items bought, and sold and their impact

To prepare for the future, Miss shade says business owners should take into consideration unavoidable occurrences.

“It is important to be set up with the right software solution from on-set, so you are not caught up in a challenging situation with your finances later”, she said.

She talked about how many businesses in Nigeria do not outlive the owner and how businesses don’t last in Nigeria because most of them lack structure.

Miss Shade has made up her mind to ensure her business has structure and lasts for generations. She is particular about setting the pace for structured business in Nigeria and would like other businesses to follow suit by adopting the right solutions like Sage business cloud, to suit her needs.

She expresses her gratitude to Excellium, the company that introduced her to Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software.

Now, Miss Shade can sleep peacefully because she rests assured that the right solution has been put in place to help her business processes.

I would like you to enjoy comfort like Miss Shade and Rita and so I have decided to share this.

To know more about and start your free trial with the Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software Solution. Please go to our product page on the website to learn more and click on the free trial link to begin.

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