Tailored HR and payroll systems for businesses of all sizes

Out of the box, cloud-native payroll and human capital management software
Work anywhere rather than from home. With multi-device access, our cloud-based payroll and HR software enables you to work whenever and wherever you choose.

Tailored HR and payroll systems for businesses of all sizes
Reclaim your time and free up your schedule with simplified data capturing, while embedded legislation ensures continuous compliance and accurate payroll, with no action required from you.

Our areas of business transformation include:

PaySpace offers 100% cloud-based payroll solution and requires no downtime. Users have access to relevant updates reports. Calculations are done automatically which take care of compliance and statutory reporting in more than 43 countries across the continent. Companies can process multi-national payrolls accurately, track leave, and submit accurate information to the relevant legislative authorities with little or no expertise required.

Human Resources
The software provides a centralized and cohesive human resource fully-cloud solution which manages the entire lifecycle process of the employees in an organization. This solution provides the employees with a more responsive experience through workflows and automation and gives HR time to do other things that is of a great value to the organization.

PaySpace self-service is a revolutionary web-based tool that can be accessible from any device to help run business faster and more efficiently. Self-service provides the perfect paperless solution, saving you money and time. This solution is designed to allows users to apply, capture, view, authorize, and initiate tasks with workflow approvals.

Challenge & Solution

An online end-to-end recruitment and user-friendly platform that is designed to optimize recruitment process, attracting, and hiring qualified employees in less time and less effort.

Performance Management: 
Its online performance management enhances employee appraisals’ quality and completion rates. This module frees employees, managers, and HR to spend more time on strategic activities, align employee goals and development activities to business priorities and easily track and manage the entire appraisal workflow from the HR.

Cloud Analytics:
Cloud Analytics is a self-service business intelligence (BI) platform designed to interact with people data, generating insight and make discoveries that drive innovative decisions. Cloud Analytics does not replace these reports but rather provides a dynamic toolset that consolidates all data into a unified system, meaningful, and accessible platform.

PaySpace OrgCharts offers flexible cloud-based software e to create professional quality charts and perform in-depth workforce analysis quickly and easily. It is designed to save staff time, gain valuable insights into your workforce, and align them to company goals.

Workforce Planning:
This module enables organizations to accurately forecast and analyze employees’ headcounts and costs in real-time with trusted numbers as it directly integrates into our payroll solution. Users can create vacant jobs for forecasting purposes and perform various what-if cost scenarios using our mock-pay slip. These mock-pay slips are linked directly to the payroll engine that ensures accurate costs. Pre-delivered reports provide insight into workforce composition and cost, with the ability to analyze every detail and export into accounting solution.

Multi-Currency Expat:
This module covers the requirement for expats working in other countries to raise their earnings with relevant statutory contributions according to currency and contracts offered in their home countries. This allows for simple conversion of net home to host earnings.

Why use PaySPace Payroll and HR Software?
a) Out of the box setup
• Enjoy a new streamlined way of working, right from the start.
• All component types (earnings, deductions, fringe benefits, etc.) are linked to tax codes, so there’s no need to define how wage types must work and whether they should be taxed or not. Get pre-defined, automated components for bonus tax spreads and automated pay outs of bonuses.

b) No limits
• Get comfortable knowing you have the freedom to work the way you want to.
• Unlimited everything! Pay runs, users, earnings, deduction, and company contribution components, leave transactions, PM evaluations and more.

c) Continuous calculations
• No more “last week of the month” rush.
• With our HR and payroll software, there’s no need for an official pay run to calculate figures. There’s also no more downtime to back up the system before doing a payroll run to calculate tax and pay, pull reports, spot the errors, and then repeat.
• Get real-time calculations that immediately show you the final pay slip. Results are already available at the beginning of the month, so you can focus only on the changes, and input is spread throughout the month instead of last week.

d) Legislation updates
• We ensure all your tax tables stay up to date.
• Tax tables and other legislative calculations are maintained by PaySpace for all supported countries. We also provide legislative reporting in the required formats for all supported countries.

e) Automation
• No need for manual excels spreadsheets or sending of files.
• Automated gross-up functionality with currency conversions. We cater for your local legislation, wherever you are, like automatically submitting UIF Declaration files to the Department of Labor in South Africa.

f) Superior Configuration
• No more reliance on vendor developers to maintain custom requirements.
• Forget about reactively and manually identifying output errors on reports: we update and maintain various medical and union tables, so you don’t have to.

g) Employee self-service
• Employee and manager self-service functionality allows users to apply, capture, view, authorize and initiate tasks with workflow approvals. No more paper payslips or leave applications with manual processing: all transactions are done online with workflow approval.