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Zoho Books is a cloud-based accounting software solution that helps small and medium scale businesses to manage their finances, invoices, expenses, inventory, automates business workflows, and work collectively across departments. 

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Effortlessly handle your business finances with Zoho Books, part of the award-winning Zoho suite of finance apps. With its intuitive and practical features, Zoho Books simplifies your accounting tasks, allowing you to easily track income and expenses, generate invoices and estimates, and manage critical aspects like VAT. Stay ahead in today’s dynamic business landscape with Zoho Books, the go-to accounting software for business of all sizes.

Financial Teams Love Zoho Books

Empower your team with Zoho Books and let automation do the heavy lifting. Say goodbye to manual financial tasks and optimize collaborative working by allocating permissions to team members. With seamless integration with other Zoho apps and popular third-party applications like Google Workspace, Uber for Business, PayPal, and Stripe, Zoho Books simplifies your financial operations, making it easier to manage payments, track invoices, and stay compliant with taxes.

Whether you need to check payments on the go with the iOS or Android app, or streamline collaboration within your team, Zoho Books is the solution to your financial management challenges. Let Zoho Books handle the complexities so you can focus on growing your business.

Key features of Zoho Books
  • Invoicing: Create customized invoices and send them directly from Zoho Books with built-in online payment options. Multi-currency invoicing available.
  • Estimates: Create professional-looking estimates that you can effortlessly convert into an invoice at the click of a button when the jobs are completed.


  • Quotes: Create quotes on the fly by entering contact information, item details, and prices saved in Zoho Books. As soon as a transaction is won, provide quotes in seconds, no matter where you are. Customer Portal

  • Expenses: Easily upload receipts and keep on top of where your organisation’s money is going with the expenses tracking feature.

  • VAT: Keeps tabs on what your VAT liability is going to be, file returns and make payments – all through this platform! It really couldn’t be easier.

  • Sales Orders: Raise Sales Orders and confirm each sale before you even think about shipping goods out to your customers.

  • Purchase Order: Create purchase orders effortlessly. Zoho Books maintains a complete sale history, and lets you convert purchases into bills with a single click.

  • Banking: Securely fetch transactions. There will be no more creating bills one at a time. Create recurring bills for purchases that occur at regular periods, and Zoho Books will send them on your behalf from your PayPal account as well as your banks and reconcile your accounts in no time.

  • Bills: Generate bills and track the payments you owe. You can create recurring bills too and automate Zoho Books send them for you.

  • Inventory: Organize your inventory with vital information like Stocking units ‘SKUs’, product images, vendor details, costs, and stock-on-hand. Also monitor inventory levels to identify fast-moving items and keep them well stocked.

  • Online Payments: Zoho Books gives you payment gateways that you can use to accept simple, secure online payments.

  • Customer Portal: With the customer portal, you can share recent transactions, speed up the quote approval process, collect feedback, and allow your customers to make bulk payments.

  • Reporting: Turn data into information with Zoho Books. View dashboards, reports and charts covering all your receivables, payables, inventory and more. Use your report data to make inferences and create robust, up-to-date business plans.


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