Sage CRM
Boost business with cloud-based CRM software and tools

Customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions can help your business engage more effectively with customers and new leads, based in Nigeria and around the world.

Unlike ERP, which focuses on business operations, CRM software is designed to track customer interaction and organise your marketing. It has many advantages, but its overriding goal is to improve customer relationships for B2B as well as B2C companies, including ecommerce businesses. CRM systems achieve this by automating your communications and activities across all relevant departments, such as sales, marketing and customer support.

Products and technology vary from one CRM software company to the next, but a good CRM platform for small businesses always makes your life easier. With every customer interaction stored in one place, it’s simple for your team to collaborate and nurture relationships. You will also be able to see how your sales and marketing campaigns are performing in real time, helping you make better informed business decisions.

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