Zoho People

Zoho People is a complete HR solution for taking care of employees and processes without hassle. In fact, Zoho People manages everything you ask of with flair – from onboarding to timesheets, appraisals and more. It’s suitable for SMEs and will grow and flex with your business’ needs – right up to Enterprise level. Tailor it to your requirements with A-Z, the UK’s top Zoho People partner. (A clickable button to “Download Brochure”)
Zoho People offers valuable advantages for businesses. It provides a comprehensive human resources management system, enabling businesses to efficiently manage employee data, track attendance, automate leave and time-off management, streamline performance evaluations, and simplify HR processes.

Intuitive, scaleable HR solution

Zoho People is HR management software that optimises your workflow and also serves as an HR portal for employees. It’s designed so you can manage your employee data from a single, central location and optimise your workflow – even on the go. Cut your mundane tasks to a minimum with automation! You’ll have more time to invest in what’s important – like employee excellence and a thriving workforce.
Once you’ve had your account set up and customised to your requirements, you’ll have instant access to a spectrum of modules that help you manage your workforce productively and effectively.

Intuitive, scaleable HR solution

Zoho People is very supportive of your people and culture, with some cracking automation features, checklists you can track, dashboard shortcuts that give you quick access to essential information, and an array of other productivity tools. Your employees have a login access and can use it for anything from booking their annual leave to charting their professional development.

Other modules and features include:

  • Timesheets
  • Attendance management
  • Performance appraisal management
  • HR process automation
  • Data view and reports integration.

Like all Zoho apps, it’s available for iOS and Android too.

  • Central, Secure Employee Data: With Zoho People, you can manage all your HR actions in a single place. It’s a consolidated platform for HR operations where you can add users for collaboration, enable employee self-service and control all automation, communications, and reporting.
  • Track time, annual leave, and attendance: Zoho People tracks your employees’ time, attendance, overtime and more. Record time spent on various activities, log daily and weekly timesheets, and generate custom reports. You can define various leave types and generate custom annual leave reports.
  • Simplify Reviews, Appraisals and PDPs: This cloud application gives you all the tools that you need to identify your employees’ strengths and weaknesses and help them – and your business – thrive. This includes modules like KRA, Competences, Goals and Skillsets, and 360-degree feedback.
  • Automate and accelerate HR Tasks: Zoho People enhances your productivity using checklists, automation, and email to help you prioritise your workflow. You can define your HR processes as checklists and track them, as well as configure email alerts to improve your workflow and be notified of important requests.
  • Quick Access Dashboard Widgets: The application comes with widgets that allow you quick access to certain information. You can customise every user’s dashboard, so the widgets they see will be appropriate to their role. They include annual leave reports, birthdays, My Timesheets, new hires, and work anniversaries.
  • Learning and Development: With our LMS (learning management system), you upskill and empower your workforce in ways you never imagined. Zoho People helps you build courses that are tailor-made for each employee, whatever their role, department, or location.
  • Case Management: Most HRs need a smoother mechanism through which all employees can contact HR. With Zoho People, employees can initiate queries, and HR can sort, track, and resolve issues on time, all the time.